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GMP Implementation

Guide to GMP Implementation

GMP implementation is essential for ensuring product quality and safety. Our guide provides step-by-step instructions to make the process seamless

Introducing GMP Implementation

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a standard put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO). The standard ensures the best, safest, and most consistent practices for manufacturing products for the betterment of consumers, society, and the environment.

The designing of GMP is simple as it ensures the safety and control use of all processes from raw material acquisition to the bottom line of the production cycle. To develop a great and systematic system within the organization, GMP training is necessary.

The proper way to allow GMP Implementation exists within the management. Only they can pull off various factors to introduce the GMP standard precisely. GMP Implementation requires the submission of documents and ensure about the use of GMP requirements.

Also, the implementation processes involve the auditing steps and equipment that should be used within the product manufactured as per compliance.

GMP Implementation shows the ways of corrective actions and preventive measures. They are proper for an organization to introduce in the manufacturing processes for fixing different future issues and occurring precisely.

Key Pointers of GMP Implementation

  • Confirming the safety and quality of products produced in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Reducing the risk of contamination and protecting consumers from possible harm.
  • Following the principles of prevention of contaminations, quality assurances, and various process controls.
  • Giving the right ideas to manufacturers about the implementation processes of GMP Implementation.
  • Preparing the effective system of personnel training, raw material management, and process monitoring.
  • Allowing the use of the equipment and validated processes properly.
  • Manufacturers must maintain a detailed record of every step in the production process.
  • Documentation should include all quality standards, manufacturing processes, and data on product specifications.
  • Conducting frequent audits and inspections as per GMP compliance.
  • Helping employees to understand and follow GMP Implementation and its
  • Involving the management and working personnel in the manufacturing processes as per the GMP practices.
  • Allowing accuracy and traceability of documents related to the GMP system.
  • Establishing and maintaining a system of document control.
  • Going for the best ways of identifying, documenting, and investigating complaints about product quality.
  • Confirming all activities related to GMP Implementation.

Cost of GMP Implementation

The Cost of GMP Implementation in Sri Lanka depends on certain factors such as the scope, size, and complexity of the project. The additional pricing may be appeared in the list of your budget because of the addition of training, equipment, and other resources in the processes.

Steps of GMP Implementation

  1. Establish written policies and procedures

The GMP standard creates appropriate, written policies, and procedures for manufacturing processes that are compliant with GMP standards.

  1. Establish a quality assurance program

It develops a quality assurance program that provides oversight of all manufacturing processes, products, and services to ensure compliance with GMP standards.

  1. Train personnel

The compliance guides to do affirmative training sessions for your working as per the GMP policies and procedures.

  1. Develop SOPs

In this part, the objective is to develop the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all manufacturing processes to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  1. Perform regular audits

The certification body will perform regular audits of manufacturing processes to ensure they follow the GMP standards.

  1. Implement corrective actions

The appointed person will allow the implementation of corrective actions to address any discrepancies identified through audits.

  1. Maintain records

These processes maintain accurate records of all manufacturing processes, products, and services to ensure compliance with GMP standards.


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