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GOST refers to a set of technical standards for products maintained by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC). GOST standards were originally developed by the government of the Soviet Union. In the Russian language, it is called gosstandart which means, “state standard” in English. More than 20,000 standards were used extensively in 12 countries, serving to regulate countries in the region.

Some of the merchandise are industrial equipment’s, food equipment, mechanical and electrical product, chemicals, oil and gas, food connected equipments, consumer products similar to foodstuffs, clothes, cosmetics and perfumes, toys, domestic product and additionally construction and alternative industrial equipments are enclosed. As GOST standards are adopted by Russia, it’s a general perception that it is a standard of Russia.

Since the formation of EASC, ISO has recognized GOST standards as a regional standards organization responsible for development and maintenance. Russia being the more influential country among the CIS nations, primarily the regional standards adopted is known as GOST-R. Other countries who follow the said standard are Belarus, Ukraine (DSTU), Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan. 

So, organization should meet the requirement of the GOST standard when they are doing business or trading their products to the above-mentioned countries. List of products who needs the above certification is defined by Gossstandart and can be seen at

  • Mandatory GOST R Certificate
  • Voluntary GOST R Certificate
  • GOST R Declaration of Conformity.
  • Mandatory GOST TR Certificate
  • GOST R letter of exemption.
  • Consistent quality is maintained as defined in the standard thus the products are able to meet customer satisfaction.
  • It ensures minimum defect and removes the liability of product return thus increasing profits in business.
  • It gives access to entry in the Russian market and along with 20 others who have adopted the standard.
  • It helps to minimize the risk, enhances customer satisfaction and imperfection of products.
  • Brand awareness of the product is generally developed in the market which improves the ROI of the company in the long run.
  • It increases the competitiveness in the market and contributing to the further development of the organization.
  • In most of the cases failure in getting GOST R certification is lack of corrective training and employee education for the standard.
  • Language posses one of the important barriers for organization to understand the exact requirement of the standard.
  • Meeting with the statutory and regulatory binding of any foreign nation obstructs organization of expanding and venturing into new markets.
  • Continuous monitoring and bindings through sufficient controls at various processes often makes the organization ineligible for the certification.
  • Excessive documentation work generate quandary in the general process of the organization making it strenuous to reach the goal.
  • Bureaucratic approach to the GOST R standard often becomes excruciating, superfluous and downgrades the motivation of the employees for the fear of failure.
  • Wide range of quotation provided by unethical and amateurish consultants creates confusion and sometimes delays the overall implementation process.

How Ascent can help you?

  • Our expert professionals provide the right teaching and training to cater to the requirements of GOST R certification.
  • Our risk assessment plan proves to be 100% effective for any organization.
  • Our industry-specific training modules designed along with the requirements of the GOST R standard perfectly provides the extra guidance and motivation towards the processes.
  • Our team guides through the entire process of documentation processes helping out at the same time to remove the redundant ones.
  • Our start to end solutions package will guide you throughout the entire process of certification helping at crucial stages.
  • Ascent experts guide you about the inadequate resources that will resolve various problems in the failure of GOST R conformity.
  • We generally follow the principles of in-depth stringent auditing services which practically eliminates any failure during the certification audit.
  • Round the clock 24×7 customer care services take care of all the problem of the customers.


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