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HACCP Documentation process in Sri Lanka

HACCP Documentation

Allowing the best practices for the safety and proper management of food within your organization through HACCP Documentation in Sri Lanka.

Definition of HACCP Standard

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. It is a methodical precautionary method to introduce a Food Safety Framework. The purpose is to keep food safe from biological, chemical, and physical hazards during the production processes

The presence of different food hazards can cause the finished product to be unsafe. Therefore, the HACCP Documentation designs the best and most reliable measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.

It covers all phases of food production, from the farmhouse to the shopper. The standard outlines the requirements for an effective food safety management system that includes the development of policies and procedures, implementation of controls, monitoring, corrective action, and review.

The Food Safety Policy outlines the organization’s commitment to food safety and sets out the objectives and responsibilities of each member of staff. The HACCP plan identifies potential Safety Hazards in Foods and details the controls that need to be in place to prevent them.

The PRPs and OPRPs are specific sets of procedures and practices that help ensure the safety of food products. Finally, the verification and validation procedures of the HACCP Documentation ensure that the food safety management system is working effectively.

Processes in the HACCP Documentation

  1. Prepare A HACCP Plan

The entire HACCP plan speaks about the food safety objectives. It also explains the different productive seven principles of HACCP and decisions regarding food safety hazards of the HACCP team. The ideal plan is identical for organizations to pick different preventive measures.

  1. Process Flow Diagrams

This document diagrams the process flow of all the steps involved in food production and describes the control points and/or Critical Control Points (CCPs).

  1. Hazard Analysis

This document identifies the food safety hazards that could be associated with each step in the process flow diagram.

  1. CCP Decision Tree

This document outlines the decision-making process that the HACCP team used to determine which steps in the process flow diagram contain CCPs.

  1. Monitoring Procedures

This document describes the procedures for monitoring and documenting the CCPs.

  1. Corrective Action Plans

This document outlines the corrective actions that should be taken when a CCP is not being met.

  1. Record-Keeping System

This document outlines the system for maintaining records of the monitoring, corrective actions, verification activities, and any other information relevant to the HACCP plan.

  1. Verification of Plans

This document outlines the plan for verifying that the HACCP plan is working and that food safety is under observation as per the guidelines.

  1. Regular Review

This part of the documentation is also focused on conducting necessary reviews as per the HACCP Standard within the organization or any type of food supply chain process.

  1. Prerequisite Programs

Prerequisite Programs in the HACCP Documentation are designed to ensure that the physical environment is safe and suitable for food production. This includes proper maintenance and sanitation of equipment, buildings, and grounds.

Credentials Useful for HACCP Documentation

Here is the list of credentials that are useful to be submitted while a certification body will be doing the HACCP Documentation:

  • Recipes and methods used to prepare and serve food
  • Employee training records
  • Food safety and sanitation policies
  • Pest control records
  • Delivery and receipt records for food ingredients
  • Food storage temperature logs
  • Sanitation logs
  • Food contact surface cleaning logs
  • Food preparation logs
  • Records of corrective actions taken (appropriate when food safety problems arise)

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