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HACCP Internal Audit

HACCP Internal Audit

Accurate and efficient auditing of HACCP systems is essential for food safety compliance. Learn more about the HACCP Internal audit process with our guide!

Overview of HACCP Certification

HACCP Certification involves an assessment of a company’s food safety processes, from raw materials to finished products. The assessment includes identifying potential hazards, analyzing them for their potential risks, and developing control measures to minimize them.

In the certification, HACCP Internal Audit is a procedure mostly conducted by the organization. In some cases, many enterprises, food suppliers, or manufacturing institutes hire an outside body (consultant) to conduct the internal audit.

HACCP Certification is a quality assurance program. HACCP Internal Audit is conducted to ensure the proper use of the Food Safety Management System for the safety of food products. The full form of HACCP is described as “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”.

The HACCP framework composes of a seven-step process. All are measuring risks and emerging controls to minimize food hazards at the best level to achieve higher user satisfaction.

These measures can include the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), such as proper sanitation and pest control, and the implementation of a HACCP plan. Once the assessment is complete, the company is then certified by an accredited body.

Key Achievements of HACCP Internal Audit

The benefits of HACCP Certification are numerous. Here is the list:

  • HACCP assures customers that the food they are purchasing is safe
  • HACCP helps to protect the company’s reputation.
  • HACCP also helps to reduce food safety risks and can result in cost savings
  • Companies get the right aid to reduce the cost of recalls and other food safety issues.
  • HACCP certification can help to improve production efficiency and quality.
  • HACCP Compliance improves the better working environment and boosts employee morality.
  • HACCP keeps the tags on various food hazards.

Steps to Conduct HACCP Internal Audit

  1. Assemble the Audit Team

Gather the members of the audit team, including internal auditors, senior management, and/or third-party auditors.

  1. Identify HACCP Internal Audit Objectives

Identify the objectives of the audit and the scope of the audit. In this phase, the certification body finds out the necessary documents, checks the effectiveness of various procedures, and understands the control of processes with defined limits.

  1. Review Pre-Audit Documentation

Review the current HACCP documents, including the HACCP Plan, the prerequisite programs, and any relevant supporting documents.

  1. Observe Operations

Observe and document the operations at the facility to certify that they are following the HACCP plan. Auditors identify the requirements starting from sample collections to the working structure of the entire food supply chain of an organization, distributor, restaurant, etc.

  1. Collect Samples

Collect samples from the facility, as applicable, and submit them for laboratory testing. The test is meant to verify whether the institute follows HACCP compliance or not.

  1. Interview Personnel

Interview personnel to assess their knowledge and understanding of the HACCP plan and prerequisite programs. The presence of top-tier management personnel is necessary at this phase. Also, employees will take the part in the interview sessions.

  1. Review Records and Reports

The auditor/s reviews various records and reports to assess compliance with the HACCP plan and prerequisite programs.

  1. Identify Non-Conformities

The job is to identify any non-conformities, which may include deviations from the HACCP plan or prerequisite programs based on Safety Hazards for Foods.

  1. Prepare Audit Report

At last, the detailed audit report is prepared that summarizes the findings of various non-conformities, errors, risks, presence of food hazards, etc.

  1. Submit the Report to the Management

Once the report is prepared, it will be submitted to the higher authorities of the organization.

  1. Corrective Actions

Now, the management will reverify the HACCP Internal Audit report to take necessary actions and precautions so that HACCP can be followed systematically

Strength of Ascent ASSOCIATES

  • Ascent ASSOCIATES provides relevant training to all employees about the implementation and knowledge of HACCP Certification.
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  • With Ascent ASSOCIATES, achieving a HACCP Certificate is a simple step for a business, industry, or organization.

Apart from that, we deliver the following Unique Selling Points:

  • International reputation for an organization.
  • Higher expertise in following each HACCP Compliance.
  • Top-class and strict HACCP Certification Audit (HACCP Internal Audit & External Audit, Gap Analysis)
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  • Gain technical and advanced-level approaches from qualified professionals.
  • Certification is guaranteed.
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