ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification – Environment Management System

Lead your organization by meeting legal obligations and rules of standard ISO 14001 Certification in Sri Lanka and ensuring environmental efficiency

What is ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 is the Environmental Management System that specifies the effective management of the environment. It provides the framework for an organization to follow and set the maintenance of EMS rather than performance requirements.ISO 14001 came from the family of ISO 14000, published by the International Organisation for standardization (ISO). It helps the organization to reduce waste, improve and examine the environmental conditions by demonstrating your commitment to limit the environmental impact.

In the ISO 14000 series, ISO 14001:2015 is the important standard of environment management states-general guidelines and system techniques to achieve enough benefits with the compliance, obligation, and implementation of a sustainable process. Besides, to be better for the environment, achieving ISO 14001 Certification can also help in obtaining control over cost and other tangible comforts.

ISO 14001:1996 was the first Environment Management standard. After it was revised in the year 2004 with certain amendments and became ISO 14001:2004. The newest (current) standard for Environment Management is ISO 14001:2015 with further amendments in Leadership, Planning process, Maintaining ecological balance, Continual improvement, Control and interaction method, Emphasis on internal and external requirements, and Documentation process.

Benefits of Achieving ISO 14001 certification

Implementing EMS ISO 14001 certifications benefits the organization’s in various ways:

  1. Improvement in the efficiency of resource
  2. Reduction in waste by recycling facility
  3. Compliance with the standard and the government laws
  4. Driven low cost
  5. Improvement in environment
  6. Pollution control
  7. Gain customer and stakeholder trust
  8. Competitive advantage

Requirements of ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 Certification requires certain documentation to be prepared for the evidence of the implementation of EMS.

  • Scope of EMS states the outline to demonstrate the boundaries and type of procedure and operations you applied.
  • Environmental policy and objective should be planned to decide the goals of an organization by implementing the environment-friendly policy, to comply with the standard requirements.
  • Evaluation of environmental aspects and impacts by appropriate use of resources, reduction in waste, using recycled products, treating waste before emission.
  • Implementation of a plan to monitor the process and determine the timeline to achieve the desired objective.
  • Reviewing and analyzing environmental performance.
  • Fulfillment of required documents and records.
  • Identify risks and treat them effectively as early as possible.
  • Internal Audit report.
ISO 14001 Certification process

Strength of Ascent Associates

  • We Ascent work in partnership with the client to help you with the achievement of the ISO 14001 certification and gain the desired objective.
  • We Ascent guide you in setting desired targets with the compliance of the environmental policies and the standard requirements.
  • Ascent’s team with due respect and ethics performs their work to achieve the ISO 14001 certificate as early as possible.
  • We provide a helping hand 24X7 even on holidays and weekdays off.
  • Ascent provides you the process at a minimal cost.

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Frequently asked questions

Is ISO 14001 obligatory?

No, ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard. This ensures that the organization is under the norms of pollution control and not harming the environment. 

How long does it take to acquire ISO 14001 certification?

Depending upon the size of the organization. Larger the organization more time to get certified and vice versa. Approximately it takes 45 days.

What is the cost For ISO 14001 Certification?

The cost of ISO 14001 is fixed depending upon the sectors you operate in, the location you operate in, and the size of your organization. The total cost includes consultancy fee and annual audit fee with no extra hidden charges.

How long does ISO 14001 certification valid for?

The cycle of certificate is valid for three years and require surveillance audit and re-certification. It depends on an organization for how long period they enter into a contract.

What are the main objective of ISO 14001?

The main objective of ISO 14001 is to reduce the impact on the environment and managing all statutory regulations.


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