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ISO 14001 Management Review in Sri Lanka

ISO 14001 Management Review

Learn and utilize the EMS framework in your organization with the help of a complete ISO 14001 Management Review in Sri Lanka.

ISO 14001 Certification Overview

Several organizations are there that understand the utilities of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. With the utilization of the EMS framework, anything relevant to the ecosystem can be protected by an organization.

At each phase, the ISO 14001 Standard enhances environmental performance. This ISO 14001:2015 focuses on the three elemental objectives:

  • Enhancement of environmental performance;
  • Achievement of environmental objectives.
  • Fulfillment of compliance obligations;

This international standard applies to any type of organization despite its nature, type, and size. Considering different environmental aspects, the EMS framework regulates various activities, production methods, and services of the industry.

With the use of ISO 14001 Management Review, an organization can fully understand the true purpose of the ISO 14001 QMS framework. Also, the presence of management helps the industry to adapt all required protocols despite making any mistakes.

Scope of ISO 14001 Management Review

Higher authorities of an organization take an integral part to do the ISO 14001 Management Review. In the case of ISO 14001 EMS, an industry or business reviews the Environmental Management System.

Also, it focuses on different factors such as planned intervals, adequacy, continued suitability, and effectiveness of the EMS framework.

Management review is intended for ensuring the right use of the Environmental Management System. The EMS protocols are quite effective to bring certain ecological advancements for the organization. with ISO 14001 standard, the management review idea comes in.

Within the tasks of management review, the team of an organization considers the following activities:

A) Consider various status actions from earlier ISO 14001 Management Reviews;

B) Different alterations in:

    1. Internal and external issues (considering the facts associated with the Environmental Management System);
    2. The requirements and opportunities of interested parties (that include compliance obligations too);
    3. Checking of substantial environmental aspects;
    4. Risks and opportunities;

C) Following the environmental objectives that have been achieved up to a certain extent;

D) A complete detail about the organization’s environmental performance such as:

    1. Audit results;
    2. Non-conformities and corrective actions;
    3. Fulfillment of its compliance obligations;
    4. Monitoring and measurement results;

E) Sufficiency of resources;

F) Relevant communication(s) from interested parties, including complaints;

G) Seeking different opportunities to introduce progressive improvement.

Outputs of ISO 14001 Management Review

Considering different activities from the top-tier management, the ISO 14001 Management Review gives the best outputs for an organization. They include:

  • Finding out the right conclusions on different activities to produce the Environmental Management System.
    1. Continuing suitability
    2. Enhancing adequacy of EMS
    3. Bringing effectiveness in the working framework
  • Introducing productive decisions while doing the ISO 14001 Management Review and seeking to produce continual improvements.
  • Finding the right decisions or changes that are related to the EMS and the utilization of resources.
  • Taking the right precautions (actions) to achieve various environmental objectives.
  • Grabbing adequate opportunities to integrate the EMS with other business processes.
  • Considering the implications of various strategic directions within the organization.

ISO 14001 Management Review – A Key Requirement

Remember, as an organization, you require the best implementation of the Environmental Management System. However, the task is not as simple as it looks. Certain outputs need to be performed precisely before introducing them into the plans of your production or services.

An organization and its top-tier management should do a complete review of the possible environmental policy, targets, objectives, and other elements of the EMS framework.

It is just the consistent performance of EMS that the organization requires. However, it can be achievable with the commitment to the continual improvements of EMS standards. In short, if you take the right decision as per the EMS to try growth, the roles of management review have their significance.

The top management shall perform everything that boosts the EMS for the organization at its very best.


For ISO 14001 Management Review, it will be better to hire the best consultant service provider who will guide the top-tier management of your organization on the concepts of the EMS framework.

With us, your organization will have the following advantages:

  • Help You in Your Audits and legal compliances
  • Involve better ideas to produce environmental performance
  • Check the status of various targets and objectives
  • Take necessary prevention and corrective actions
  • Consider the right actions from the past management reviews
  • Recommendation for better improvements

Apart from accessing various benefits through ISO 14001 Management Review; an organization can also get the following benefits with ISO 14001 EMS standard:

  • Higher expertise
  • International reputation
  • Experienced consultants to teach your management.
  • Gain technical and advanced-level approaches
  • 100% successful ISO 14001 Management Review.
  • Higher credibility
  • 24×7 support system
  • Teach your top-tier management team.
  • Affordable ISO 14001 Certification Cost.


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