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ISO_IEC 17025 Certification For Testing and Calibration Laboratories

ISO 17025 Certification For Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Get your laboratory stability and accuracy of results by achieving the ISO/IEC 17025 Certification in Sri Lanka from a leading certification company recognized internationally.

What is ISO 17025 Certification?

ISO/IEC 17025 Certification is providing proof of competency to your results of the testing done in your laboratories. It is the global quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories. It is the basis for accreditation from an accreditation body.

ISO/IEC 17025 Certification standard published by the International Organization Of Standardization ISO and International Electrotechnical Commission IEC to maintain competency in testing and laboratories. ISO 17025:2017 specifics the general requirements of the laboratories for impartiality and operate competently with valid results and consistent operation by promoting the confidence in their work to provide results accepted nationally and all over the world.

Management Requirements and Technical Requirements are the two main clauses in ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation. Management requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 are similar to ISO 9001 for the effectiveness of the quality management system and operation within the laboratory. Certification is the declaration by the Accreditation Body that the laboratory is effectively meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 to perform and provide certification on their behalf, done after accurate assessment and confirmation.

Benefits of ISO 17025 Certification

Implementing ISO 17025 standard in your laboratory has several benefits to you as well as your clients and customers.


  1. Enhancement in the brand image of the laboratory
  2. Financial growth
  3. Builds customers trust
  4. Frequent investigation of quality of equipment
  5. Adoption of advanced technology
  6. Improved efficiency in process and procedure
  7. Avoid unseen contingencies
  8. Establish a Systematic approach to working
  9. Adds credibility
  10. Legal Validity of the Test/Calibration Report
  11. Validation of Test Results
  12. Measurement of Uncertainty

Requirements of ISO 17025 Certification

ISO 17025 an internationally accepted standard sets certain requirements for the laboratories to achieve ISO 17025 Certification.

  • Impartiality and confidentiality are the general requirements of the laboratories to perform with confidence and maintain the trust of their users.
  • A laboratory must be a legal entity in the eyes of the government performing its activity and effectively manages basic components of the testing and calibrations. This is the statutory requirement of the laboratories.
  • To perform consistently laboratories need to have their resources in an appropriate manner i.e. well-advanced equipment, facilities, systems, other devices, and qualified personnel to perform the activities smoothly.

Apart from these main requirements other requirements include improvement in the work, make appropriate plans and policies, Customer feedback, Documentation, Corrective actions, Internal audit, maintaining confidentiality.

Why obtain ISO 17025 Certification in Sri Lanka?

Laboratory testing, sampling, and assessment of conformity are major elements enabling factors for trade and technology. ISO/IEC 17025 Certification helps in the conformity of methods, policies, and procedures facilitate cooperation between laboratories and other bodies(clients and customers), and develop the acceptance of results. Defined activities with valid results help the laboratories to demonstrate the objectives of the laboratories. It is considered a sense of pride for your laboratory to have a third-party assessment to build reputation and trust among the users for your results.

ISO 17025 Certification process

Strength of Ascent ASSOCIATES

  • As a non-profit organization, Ascent ASSOCIATES operates with the motto of their clients and customer welfare.
  • Ascent guide and help you through the whole process to obtain ISO 17025 Certification.
  • Ascent has experienced personnel to conduct Gap Analysis and inadequate resources will resolve various problems.
  • Ascent works closely to provide you with Technical ISO 17025 consultancy towards the achievement of certification without the mentality of profit.
  • Ascent provides you with a certificate from a leading Accreditated Body accepted globally.
  • Ascent ASSOCIATES performs 24X7 to help our customers and clients’ need. Ascent has the habit to perform a complete analysis before an offer quote is provided.
  • Guidance during Validation of Test Results- Inter-Laboratory Comparisons and calculation of Z-Score.
  • Guidance for calculation of Measurement of Uncertainty.
  • Training on Calculation of Measurement of Uncertainty.

Get in touch today to achieve ISO 17025 certification for your organization and gain the benefits of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ISO 17025 Certification obligatory?

ISO 17025 certification is standard provided for laboratories to provide consistent valid results and improve their functioning. It is not a mandatory Certification but it has its advantages and rewards.


How long does it take to acquire ISO 17025 Certification?

Well, if you have planned to achieve the ISO 17025 certification it depends on the factor of size for your laboratory, the equipment you have and, how well you are prepared with the documentation. At least 1 year might be required including certification.

How long does ISO 17025 valid for?

ISO 17025 recently got revised from ISO 17025:2005 to ISO:2017. Organizations need to transit this to a new version within 3 years from the date of publication.

What is the cost For ISO 17025 Certification in Sri Lanka?

ISO/IEC 17025 is the management system for laboratories providing the requirements and calibrations to generate worldwide accepted results. Costing depends type and methods being used by the laboratory in conducting the tests.

What are the changes in ISO 17025:2017?

The main changes in ISO 17025:2017 from ISO 17025:2005 are scope, process approach, focus on information technologies and, a new concept of identification and management of risk.  



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