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ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System that can be applied to any organization in the food chain, farm to table. Becoming certified to ISO 22000 allows a company to demonstrate their customers that they have a food safety management system in place.

This standardized certification ensures the integrity and safety of the total food chain which proves to be very critical related to the health of the customers. ISO 22000 standard developed by the International Organization of Standards (ISO) is applicable to all the food handlers during the entire food chain right from the farmers, manufacturers, packagers, transporters to retailers.

  • The top management creates and develops the overall Food Safety Policy for your organization.
  • Once the policy is developed and documented objectives are being rolled out to be followed complying with the policy.
  • Planning and designing a management system with proper documentation of the system.
  • Performance records of the system are being maintained.
  • A food safety team is being established within the organization.
  • Internal and external communication procedures are being set out to meet the company policy and objectives.
  • Having an emergency plan
  • Performance of the FSMS is to be evaluated periodically during the management review meeting.
  • The top management should ensure and provide adequate resources in terms of trained and qualified professional, sufficient infrastructure and a proper work environment to ensure food safety.
  • Following HACCP principles
  • Traceability system should be developed throughout the food chain for identification of the product.
  • Necessary corrective action system and control of nonconforming product should be formulated.
  • Maintaining a documented procedure for handling withdrawal of product
  • Controlling monitoring and measuring devices
  • Establishing and maintaining and internal audit program
  • Continually updating and improving the FSMS
  • An internationally-recognized standard that incorporates legal and regulatory requirements relating to food safety management including HACCP systems prioritizing customer health and safety.
  • Communication procedures both internally i.e. among the employees and externally with the trading partners and suppliers are developed.
  • Hazard analysis ensures identification, assessment and better control down the food chain.
  • Improved and better consistency in output and traceability of products and services throughout the entire process.
  • Improved compliance with hygiene regulation.
  • Creating confidence among the customer’s, thus able to penetrate new markets and business growth.
  • Insufficient or no proper knowledge and lack of proper training in food safety management system creates an important hurdle for implementing ISO 22000.
  • The improper abiding of HACCP principles may result in loss of accreditation.
    Half knowledge is fatal. The absence of complete knowledge regarding ISO 22000 conformity and determining a suitable system can land you in big trouble along with a huge amount of bills and expenditure.
  • Inadequate resources or not having appropriate management solutions are the basic reasons of failure most organization face while going in for ISO 22000.
  • The cost of implementation of the standard sometimes cost more than the inputs especially for small organizations, which makes to step out of the process.
  • The possibility that the Consultant guides through, and emphasizes on massive documentation which the organization cannot handle, and somehow isn’t the mandatory requirement of the international standard too.

How Ascent can help you?

  • Our consultants would provide complete understanding of the standard and proper training to personnel that can solve food safety issues easily. We generally developed trainng modules as per the need of the organization for effective implementation .
  • We help you to incorporate all the principles of HACCP so that you can execute it faultlessly.
  • Our team takes care of all the legal and regulatory compliances from the start till the achievement of the project.
  • Our solutions architect ensures to impart correct education related to the standard for both the management and employees necessary in coordination and motivation while implementing the standard.
  • Our expertise will guide you about the inadequate resources which will help to resolve various problems.
    Hiring Ascent can guide you with proper budget knowledge without you paying additional expenses.
  • Our personnel’s perform a proper business analysis prior to start of the project .This ensures no repetition and more important reutilizing the existing work done.
  • Our in-depth audit programs takes care of the non conformities beforehand and provide substantial training to the team members to handle any unforeseen situation during the external audit.
  • Our 24X7 customer support takes care of all the problems during and after the certifications even in the odd hours.


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