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ISO 22000 fsms

Guide to Implement ISO 22000 FSMS

ISO 22000 FSMS is a globally recognized standard for food safety management systems. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to implement it in your organization.

Introducing ISO 22000 FSMS

ISO 22000:2018 Standard developed by the International Organization of Standardization is focused on the implementation of the Food Safety Management System in an organization. The purpose is to deliver food safety for consumers and add protection against various unhealthy practices. 

The standard can develop the best framework i.e.  ISO 22000 FSMS to find several food safety risks. The job is not done yet. The standard also produces a plan to minimize them. The activities come as procedures for controlling quality and safety, training staff, and monitoring and verifying processes.

ISO 22000 allows the use of a Food Safety Management System within a confined structure to allow the following ideas:

  • Development of a food safety policy,
  • Implementation of a HACCP plan,
  • Establishment of procedures, and controls.

Key Pointers of ISO 22000 FSMS

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System is an integral standard for different organizations and their associates who coexist in the food supply chain. This international standard develops a framework that leads toward creating best practices against various food safety risks and hazards.

Here is the list that explains everything regarding the ISO 22000 FSMS:

  1. Implement effective food safety policies and procedures.
  2. Ensure that all staff is properly trained in food safety.
  3. Properly store, prepare, and serve food.
  4. Follow good personal hygiene practices.
  5. Regularly monitor food safety performance.
  6. Maintain a clean and safe environment.
  7. Regularly inspect food-handling equipment and facilities.
  8. Ensure that food products are not contaminated.
  9. Establish a traceability system to track food products.
  10. Respond quickly and effectively to food safety incidents.

Cost of ISO 22000 FSMS

The cost of a food safety management system (used by ISO 22000 FSMS) depends on the following factors:

  • Size and complexity of the system
  • Number of employees that need to be trained
  • Type of foods that need to be managed
  • Type of technology used,
  • Amount of support needed.

Steps to Implement ISO 22000 FSMS

These steps will help an organization to introduce ISO 22000 FSMS precisely without any burden:

  1. Develop a Written Food Safety Plan: Outline the processes, procedures, and documentation needed to ensure food safety.
  2. Identify potential hazards: Identify the potential hazards associated with food production, storage, and handling. With ISO 22000 FSMS the following food hazards can be managed easily:
  • Cross-contamination of food products
  • Improper storage of food products and ingredients
  • Poor hygiene practices on the part of the staff
  • Poor temperature control and maintenance of food products
  • Improper labeling and traceability of food products
  • Inadequate pest control
  • Inadequate cleaning and sanitation of food contact surfaces
  • Unsafe equipment or utensils
  • Use of toxic or hazardous chemicals
  • Inadequate transportation and distribution of food products
  1. Establish preventive measures: Establish preventive measures to reduce the risk of food contamination or spoilage.
  2. Establish monitoring and verification procedures: Establish procedures to monitor and verify that preventive measures are effective.
  3. Establish corrective action procedures: Establish procedures for taking corrective action in the event of a food safety incident.
  4. Train food safety personnel: Provide training to food safety personnel to ensure they understand and can effectively implement the food safety management system.
  5. Document and review: Document the food safety management system and review it regularly to ensure it is up-to-date and effective.

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