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ISO 27001 ISMS

Guide to Implement ISO 27001 ISMS

Helping your organization remain secure from different cybersecurity and digital threats while introducing ISO 27001 ISMS in Sri Lanka.

Introducing ISO 27001 ISMS

ISO/IEC 27001 developed by the international organization for standardization allows the implementation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) within an organization. The standard can alert the management to upcoming threats and confidentiality related to the security system. Each compliance shall grant ideal protection against them at once.

The international standard is up-to-date and it strongly focuses on privacy protection, information security, and cybersecurity. In the latest change, the standard gets five new subclauses and one new clause. Also, it has swapped two previous clauses.

When an organization applies for ISO 27001 Certification, it silently secures sensitive data such as employee information, transactions, digital resources, etc. Establishing an Information Security Management System in an organization is possible with this standard

Key Pointers of ISO 27001 ISMS

The ISO 27001 ISMS allows confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information about the organization. Various tasks of this international standard set up the best security management system at each point.

Talking about the ISO 27001 Controls, they just introduce guidelines for the management of information security risks, access control, policies & procedures, personnel security, physical & environmental security, and communications and operations management.

Every method it contains can develop the level of confidence among interested parties. Here is a list of points to understand about the ISO 27001 ISMS:

  1. Establish an Information Security Policy:
  2. Form a team committed to introducing information security
  3. Bring the responsibilities upon the workforce and management.
  4. Perform Risk Assessments
  5. Create an Information Security Management System
  6. Monitor, Measure, and Review the ISO 27001 ISMS framework.
  7. Train Staff as per the guidelines of the ISO 27001 ISMS.
  8. Maintain Records that are relevant to the ISO 27001 ISMS.
  9. Implement Security Controls within the company.
  10. Monitor ISO 27001 Compliance precisely.
  11. Conduct Internal Audits to verify the effectiveness of ISO 27001 ISMS.
  12. Manage security Incidents and respond to them on time.

Cost of ISO 27001 ISMS

The cost of implementing an ISO 27001 ISMS can be a customizable option. It depends on the following factors:

  • The size and complexity of the organization
  • The scope of the project
  • The complexity of the organization
  • Additional purchase of a few software or services

Steps to Implement ISO 27001 ISMS

  1. Establish an Information Security Management System (ISMS)

When an organization decides to do the ISO 27001 implementation, it starts with the introduction of the ISMS in the first step. The ISMS sets up a framework that allows better risk assessment. Each procedure identifies and evaluates the risks to the privacy, reliability, and accessibility of the organization’s information.

  1. Appoint a Project Manager

Once an organization gets its project manager appointed, he/she will take over the responsibilities to manage and coordinate different activities available within the entire ISO 27001 implementation processes.

  1. Develop an Implementation Plan

The implementation plan is an important task to perform as it contains the following:

  • Scope of the project
  • A timeline of the project
  • The resources needed
  • The risks involved
  • The activities to conclude

All lead to one goal and that is about achieving the desired result.

  1. Create a Documentation Plan

A documentation plan comes with the systematic arrangement of every activity related to the ISO 27001 ISMS framework.

  1. Train Staff

The training of the workforce of an organization as per the new ISMS policies, processes, and procedures should be conducted.

  1. Perform a Risk Assessment

The appointed person will hold risk assessment sessions to identify and evaluate the risks to the privacy, truthfulness, and obtainability of the organization’s information.

  1. Establish Controls

The in-charge personnel will give the best efforts to reduce various risks. Each type of risk can be assessable with the best risk assessment, appropriate controls establishment, and implementation of a new one.

  1. Monitor Review, and Maintenance of ISO 27001 ISMS

The way to secure the organization lies in monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the controls regularly. When everything goes well, it is necessary to maintain the ISMS guidelines.


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