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ISO 45001 Internal Audit in Sri Lanka

ISO 45001 Internal Audit

Obtaining the true objectives of the Occupational Health And Safety Management System for your employees through the ISO 45001 Internal Audit in Sri Lanka.

Overview of ISO 45001 Certification

An organization requires different standards to keep everything in order. With ISO 45001 Certification, the environment for employees becomes much more effective. The international standard focuses on Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S MS).

With ISO 45001 OH&S MS, an organization improves the structure of the health and safety of its employees. It is an essential element that boosts different developmental skills among employees and management.

To introduce the ISO 45001 Standard in your organization, you require a few things first. Hiring a consultant agency to complete the ISO 45001 Internal Audit will be the key. On this page, you will gain an idea about the procedures that Ascent ASSOCIATES takes.

Three Ways of ISO 45001 Audits

1. On-Site Audits

This is the phase where auditing is active for the entire day. Its auditing session may extend for a number of days. It depends on several factors of an organization such as nature, size, complexity, risk, geographical location, number of employees, etc.

To calculate the right audit time, a guideline has been approved by the IAF (International Accreditation Forum).

2. Remote Audits

In ISO 45001 Internal Audit, remote audits may not be much more effective than on-site audits but still operational. In this case, audits will be performed through electronic verifications, teleconferencing, or web meetings. Certain remote audit processes are common and typical.

3. Self Audits

This type of audit may look like an internal audit. A self-audit is mostly activated by the management of an organization at the request of a customer. This is effective for eliminating some sort of issues. Doing so can help customers to get assurance and assist the better use of resources.

What Happens in ISO 45001 Internal Audit?

The recommendation to hire more than one auditor is obvious. This type of responsibility requires experience and expertise to ensure the right output.

With Ascent ASSOCIATES, an organization in Sri Lanka can apply for the ISO 45001 Occupational Health And Safety Management System. Here is the list of activities completed by our auditors.

  • Self-examination of your organization’s OHSMS
  • Performing on-site audits.
  • Ensure objective results
  • Follow the ISO 45001 requirement
  • Prepare an audit checklist for the assistance of internal auditors
  • Cover all areas of your OHSMS
  • Preparing your organization for external audits

Internal audits are the best units that help an organization to evaluate its effectiveness, check for improvements, seek different opportunities, and assess conformity.

When an organization holds an internal audit, it compares the Occupational Health And Safety Management System with the requirements.

Also, the purpose is to find out the existence of any non-conformances in the organization. There are some key implementations of internal audits. The following list explains it better:

  • Finding out the complete audit schedule
  • Searching for ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Requirements
  • Preparing for the Registration Audit
  • ISO Registration (Certification Process)
  • Process the tasks of Internal Audit
  • Perform an Internal Audit
  • Go for Audit Sample Questions

How Does Ascent ASSOCIATES Perform ISO 45001 Internal Audit?

Internal Audits are necessary for ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. They give you the following benefits:

  • Keep measuring the performance of Health and Safety
  • Identify opportunities to improve the OH&S MS
  • Add values to the activities
  • Create effective operations
  • Find out safety corrections
  • Prepare you for the external audits

To get all such benefits, an organization in Sri Lanka should hire the best consultant team to complete the tasks.

Ascent ASSOCIATES appoints the best-trained internal auditors. They will understand your audit program and complete different productive auditing steps. The following list will explain everything:

  • An organization will get the auditing of each department once or twice a year. The auditing team from Ascent comes with 1 to 4 auditors. The number of auditors depends on the size of your entity.
  • The audit package comes with the following activities:
    • A detailed checklist of pages that cover every clause of ISO 45001 standard.
    • Each presentation contains forms of the internal audit procedure.
    • Internal audit procedure
    • Internal Audit forms
      • Audit Checklist
      • Procedure by Work Area
      • Internal Audit Report
      • Audit Plan
    • Guide you to the ISO 45001 Internal Audit presentation
      • The presentation contains the following non-conformances:
        • Preparing the Audit
        • Scheduling the Audit time
        • Opening Meeting
        • Auditors Document Findings
        • Closing Meeting
        • Final Audit Report
        • Creating the Audit File


With us, your organization gets the best ISO 45001 Internal Audit along with the following things:

  • International reputation
  • Higher expertise
  • Experienced consultants to handle your case.
  • Gain technical and advanced-level approaches from qualified professionals.
  • Certification is guaranteed.
  • 100% success rate on your ISO 45001 Internal Audit
  • higher credibility
  • The best support team for ISO 45001 Internal Audit
  • Do not appoint a freelancer to do the audit
  • We stand at the top of the best-listed consultant agency.


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