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ISO 9001 Awareness Training in Sri Lanka

ISO 9001 Awareness Training | QMS

Let us help you educate your staff and management on the Quality Management System through ISO 9001 Awareness Training sessions in Sri Lanka.

About ISO 9001 Awareness Training

Considering the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, it is the most popular international standard adopted by different organizations. The standard introduces ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) in an institute or business.

However, certain educational steps are useful to know for any business to get a complete idea regarding the ISO 9001 QMS. That’s why the organization requires ISO 9001 Awareness Training. In this phase, the entire staff and management will understand some key pointers of the QMS framework.

Educating the organization proposes the right type of QMS-related maintenance. It is required for employees and other management-level associates to work as per the QMS framework. The use of ISO 9001 Awareness Training introduces the following things:

  • Produce improvements
  • Process developments
  • Risk management
  • Operational efficiency

The ISO 9001 Awareness Training is always productive for learners like your organization. In Sri Lanka, Ascent ASSOCIATES produces the right type of training to fulfill all required demands that an organization should know regarding the ISO 9001 Standard.

Considering the significance of the ISO 9001:2015 QMS training, our trainers and consultants will assist you with the right type of self-paced learning sessions that are convenient for all.

These awareness training sessions are just the best to boost your competency and bring the right values to your organization and employee’s career.

ISO 9001 Awareness Training Session

There are certain requirements coming under the ISO 9001:2015 QMS. The course is designed in a fashion that will help an organization’s employees to understand the good ideas and motives to boost their productivity by following the Quality Management System.

The idea is to make the organization remain competitive by utilizing the right type of education. Yes, certain improvements are necessary to introduce in the working structure first. Here is the list of all productive ideas that keep the competence level alive in an organization:

  • Bringing the best and most profitable ideas for operational efficiency
  • Suitable ideas to boost product improvements
  • Better and convenient risk management
  • Best educational (training) designs
  • Providing self-paced training sessions
  • Addition of values in the production unit

All these activities are appropriate to boost competency and bring more value to an organization’s growth.

What Will You Learn from ISO 9001 Awareness Training?

With Ascent ASSOCIATES, an organization gets a complete idea about the ISO 9001 Awareness Training. It is part of the ISO 9001 Certification. The industry should understand all basic requirements that ISO 9001:2015 proposes to comply with.

The training program includes all activities to determine the right structural program. A plan is necessary and it depends on the size, type, nature, and strength of the employees.

Several topics are there to cover in the awareness training for ISO 9001. Each topic ensures the proper implementation of QMS awareness. Within the training program, an organization gets covered with the following courses:

  • Get complete ideas about certain changes in the ISO 9001:2015 by comparing it with the previous version of ISO 9001:2008.
  • Introduce the right structure with high-level QMS
  • Help the organization to understand the structure of clauses and accept the right concepts of the standard.
  • Show the extension of the process
  • Evolve with different risk assessments as per the QMS framework.
  • Help to gain ideas for fighting against different challenges
  • Get the proper idea regarding the finding and utilization of proper opportunities.

Check your knowledge by reviewing the right exercises, summaries, and quiz sessions.

ISO 9001 Awareness Training Methodology

Different types of tools are required to execute the ISO 9001 Awareness Training session. At each phase, an organization will provide the appropriate education.

From the experience and expertise of Ascent, it will be a great deal for anyone to be a part of our training program. Here is the list of tools that are involved to educate the employees and management as per the ISO 9001 Standard:

  • Content-embedded assessment
  • Different types of interactive exercises
  • Enhance educational delivery
  • Simulations on different exercises
  • Learn as per the preferred choice of device
  • Get the chance to learn as per the QMS standard

Who Should Apply for ISO 9001 Awareness Training?

The course has its specialty. An organization stands when it follows the mentioned criteria:

  • Professionals and executives who are linked with Quality Management.
  • All organizations who desperately seek to gain control of the ISO 9001:2015 QMS Standard.


The right course advisor helps an organization to understand the various goals of the ISO 9001 standard. Here are the reasons to choose us for ISO 9001 Awareness Training:

  • Ascent develops the ISO 9001 awareness training program as per the requirement of an organization.
  • Ascent appoints specialists to deliver the training.
  • Ascent helps companies to obtain different policies
  • Ascent provides the right information by following meticulous instructions.
  • Ascent delivers best practices.
  • Ascent prefers diverse perspectives.


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