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ISO 9001 Management Review in Sri Lanka

ISO 9001 Management Review

Helping your organization in Sri Lanka to find out the true purpose of the Quality Management System through ISO 9001 Management Review.

Overview of ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard that introduces Quality Management System in an organization. It is useful for an industry or business to demonstrate its abilities on a consistent provision.

The products and services that an organization provides should follow the regulatory and statutory requirements of ISO 9001 QMS. With this standard, an enterprise or business can grab the customer’s attention and enhance the user experience.

The practical application of different processes is just assuring the organization about valid growth. To achieve the ISO 9001 Certificate, certain requirements are mandatory.

Considering the ISO 9001 Management Review has an impact on the certification process. The following details will help you to know everything regarding this top.

Define ISO 9001 Management Review

Are you aware of a formal meeting? An ISO 9001 Management Review is nothing but a proper assembly of top-tier management professionals of an organization. The review happens at different stages of the entire year.

When it comes to considering the ISO 9001 Management Review, it has its significance. An organization operated as per the ISO-Certificated management system requires this type of review. These meetings are purposed for attaining the effectiveness of an organization.

It just helps the industry to boost its QMS Standard as per the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015.

In an ISO 9001 Management Review meeting, the following things are covered:

  • Collection of status of several issues from the past meetings
  • Finding out the modifications that affect an organization’s Quality Management System
  • Calculation of competence as per the available resources
  • Seeking different opportunities to boost the improvement of meter

Objectives of Management Review Meetings

In an organization, ISO 9001 Management Review carries different objectives. Here is the list that has the most significant purposes:

  • To produce and address certain changes within the organization (as per the QMS Framework).
  • Take advantage and enhance different areas for further improvements
  • Boosting the motivation level of employees
  • Address various possible risks
  • Evaluation of ISO 9001 Compliance
  • Learn effectively from the old mistakes
  • Helping the organization to be on the focusing track.
  • Concertation on different goals.

Top management always stays on the side of the organization. It conducts a strict ISO 9001 Management Review at any cost to introduce an effective Quality Management System. These review meetings will be conducted at planned intervals.

With each meeting, an organization achieves effectiveness, adequacy, suitability, and alignment with various strategic directions of the organization.

In the ISO 9001 Management Review Input, you will find the following things:

  1. The status of various activities from previous management reviews;
  2. Any changes in external and internal issues that are related to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System;
  3. Brief details of various performance and effectiveness of the Quality Management System, including trends in:
    • Checking on customer satisfaction reviews
    • Analyzing the responses from relevant interested parties;
    • Meet the extension of various quality objectives as per the requirement;
    • Procedure performance and conformity of products and services;
    • Monitoring records;
    • Analysis reports;
    • Non-conformities
    • corrective actions;
    • Audit results;
    • The performance of external providers;
  1. The adequacy of resources;
  2. The effectiveness of actions taken against risks and opportunities (see 6.1);
  3. Seeking new and productive opportunities for improvement.

ISO 9001 Management review outputs are mentioned below:

The outputs of the ISO 9001 Management Review shall consider the following decisions and actions:

  1. opportunities for improvement;
  2. any need for changes to the quality management system;
  3. resource needs.

An organization shall recollect documented information as evidence of the results of management reviews.

Areas that ISO 9001 Management Review Check

An organization conducts ISO 9001 Management Review to keep the flow of the growth. Here are some areas that the Management focuses on:  

  • Take appropriate and crucial decisions
  • Consider a tag on the work in progress
  • Completing all types of previous tasks
  • Bringing on the motivation of employees for achieving the new goals
  • Next production plans forecasts
  • Helps in the estimation of your organization’s budget
  • Assist employees in completing the tasks on time
  • Evaluation of results as within the defined schedule
  • Provide the right type of support from the organization’s peer and team members


For ISO 9001 Management Review, it will be better to hire the best consultant service provider who will guide the top-tier management of your organization on the concepts of the QMS framework.

With us, your organization will have the following advantages:

  • Help You in Your Audits and legal compliances
  • Involve better ideas to produce environmental performance
  • Check the status of various targets and objectives
  • Take necessary prevention and corrective actions
  • Consider the right actions from the past management reviews
  • Recommendation for better improvements

Apart from accessing various benefits through ISO 9001 Management Review; an organization can also get the following benefits with ISO 9001 Certification Standard:

  • Higher expertise
  • International reputation
  • Experienced consultants to teach your management.
  • Gain technical and advanced-level approaches
  • 100% successful ISO 9001 Management Review.
  • Higher credibility
  • 24×7 support system
  • Teach your top-tier management team.
  • Affordable ISO 9001 Certification Cost.


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