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MLC Certification : Consultants in SRI LANKA

Maritime Labour convention certification was implemented by International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2006. The treaty applies to all ships entering the harbour. MLC certification was convened at Geneva by the governing body. Considering the global nature of shipping industries, a need was developed to provide special protection to seafarers. MLC promotes better working conditions and protects principles and rights of seafarers. MLC aims at maintaining safety, quality and ship management and lays down the legal framework in the ocean and sea related activities. The convention consists of 16 articles containing a provision as well as the codes. The codes contain 5 titles which group specific provisions.

Title 1 – Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on the ship.
Title 2 – Condition of employment.
Title 3 – Accommodation, recreational facilities, food, and catering.
Title 4 – Health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection
Title 5 – Compliance and enforcement.

Each Title has been briefly described by International Labour Organizations\ which contains its own requirements.

  • Secure and responsible maritime workforce.
  • Improved supervision at all levels.
  • Better working condition and lifestyle of seafarers.
  • Socially responsible shipping industry.
  • Safety at Sea.
  • Protection of environment.
  • Improved supervision at all levels.
  • Increased awareness of seafarer’s rights.
  • Less labour turnover.
  • Increased reputation.
  • Most of the times, the seafarers aren’t informed about their rights. The lack of required knowledge and training fall short in meeting the requirements of International standards.
  • The titles, principles and rights are not clearly understood by the seafarers and build fear within the labours.
  • Improper measures to maintain safety and security at oceans.
  • Working conditions according to MLC standard isn’t provided.
  • Too much documentation can turn a burden for shipping Industries. Incorrect guidance regarding the documents can result in excess wastage of time.
  • The absence of knowledge regarding adequate resources to develop better working conditions and security in the ocean.
  • Auditing, verifying and training can cost you a great deal which makes most of the ship avoid MLC: 2006
  • Lack of commitment to establish, implement and maintain MLC: 2006 causes failure of the desired result.
  • Unprofessional and incorrect offers given by Consultants that displays a very wide range of pricing. This creates confusion and hampers the Consultant selection process.
  • Adopting a bureaucratic and incompatible MLC: 2006 system can prove painful, redundant and build fear in employs which can degrade their motivation.

How Ascent can help you?

  • Ascent world provides you with proper guidance, knowledge, and training for MLC: 2006 to help you achieve MLC: 2006 standard.
  • The Ascent Solutions Architect guides you through the entire MLC: 2006 compliance and implementation till achievement of certification which will give you a sigh of relief.
  • Ascent confirms that right and required measures are taken by the ship to obtain MLC: 2006 standard.
  • Ascent helps through imparting right education regarding coordination and motivation of management and seafarers help you achieve MLC:2006 standard conformity.
  • Ascent guides you through the necessary documentation process for you without adding any form of the additional burden of documentation on you.
  • Ascent experts guide you about inadequate resources with you which will eliminate the barrier in achieving MLC: 2006 conformity.
  • Ascent facilitates in-depth and professional auditing services that are significantly more stringent than the audits done by certification bodies. This ensures no failure during external audits.
  • Hiring Ascent can guide you with proper budget knowledge without you paying additional expenses.
  • Ascent works 24X7, to cater to the needs of its customers all over the world. This gives you ample opportunity to demand our services even in the odd hours and holidays.
  • Ascent has a general practice of complete analysis before an offer is given. It is extremely improbable that the total expenditure goes beyond the budgeted figures unless there are special requirements from the client’s end. “Not a single penny extra”, is a general motto that each Ascent employee abides by.


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