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UKCA MARKING Certification

Get a new UK Product Mark on the goods placed onto the market in Great Britain from 2021 by achieving UKCA Marking Certification in Sri Lanka.

What is UKCA Certification

The short form UKCA represents UK Conformity Assessed. The UKCA stamping is essential for the endorsement of items inside Great Britain. With regards to Brexit, it replaces the CE stamping recently utilized for this area, which can in any case be utilized until December 31, 2021.

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is a new United Kingdom (UK) product mark that is to be used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland).

From 1 January 2021, the technical requirements (‘essential requirements’) must be met, the conformity assessment processes and standards that can be used to demonstrate conformity under UKCA marking are the same as for CE marking.

It covers most goods that previously required the CE marking and is effective as of 1 January 2021 for all new products placed onto the market – and will be effective for all products placed on the GB market from 1 January 2022, replacing the CE mark.

The UKCA marking alone cannot be used for goods placed on the Northern Ireland market, which requires the CE mark or UKNI and CE mark together if using the UK-based third–party Body. UKCA mark will not be accepted by authorities of the European Union – therefore new products that have the UKCA mark will also require CE mark if market access to Europe is also required.

In certain circumstances, the UKCA marking to goods being sold in GB will need to be applied immediately from 1 January 2021 for new products (new design) placed onto the GB market.

Benefits of UKCA Marking Certification

An embellishment of UKCA Mark can help you to gain several benefits:

  1. Allows getting entry in UK market
  2. Only one set of requirements and procedures to be followed
  3. Reduction in damage and liability claims
  4. Comply with legal regulation
  5. Competitive edge benefits
  6. Uninterrupted customs requirements
  7. The high degree of customer satisfaction
  8. Enhancement in Brand image
  9. Product safety assurance
  10. Demonstrates standard compliance

Requirements of UKCA Marking Certification

UKCA Marking Certification helps the organization to perform the legal compliance of the country by fulfilling the requirements stated below:

  • Establish and keep up records of the cycle and strategy of the item 
  • Records and Documentation of the progressions carried out to meet the mandates of the norm 
  • Carry out similarity appraisal according to the UK Directives
  • Carry out product assessment to match standard compliance  
  • Setup technical file for due diligence 
  • Sign a declaration to stamp UKCA marking on the Product
  • Conduct Internal Audit

Why you need UKCA Marking Certification?

Achieving UKCA Marking Certification) stamping is another UK item denoting that is utilized for products being set available in Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland). It covers most merchandise that recently required the CE stamping, known as ‘new methodology’ products. 

This direction discloses additional data on putting these merchandise to get entry into the UK market without restrictions.

Steps for acquiring UKCA Marking Certification

The means you need to take to plan for UKCA checking will rely upon the current status of your business and your future market access prerequisites. 

If there is a need to acquire the services of a notified body you will need to check whether they can offer UKCA marking-related services for third-party assessment of conformity.

We are prepared to work with associations that wish to apply for UKCA marking. UKCA follows similar steps of CE Marking Certification.

Strength of Ascent Associates

  • We at Ascent provide relevant training to all levels of employees about the implementation and knowledge of UKCA Marking Certification.
  • We at Ascent guide on the road map to UKCA Marking Certification by our experienced and qualified team for all businesses throughout the UKCA Marking Certificate supply chain.
  • We at Ascent are providing Certificates for the past 10+years to achieve the highest level of security and satisfaction.
  • Ascent ASSOCIATES experts are on 24X7 to serve you at any time, anywhere in the world.
  • Our services can be provided as evidence and help you with the closure of non-conformities and offer you the best help to improve the efficiency of your business.
  • With Ascent achieving UKCA Marking Certifications is just a cup of tea.

Get a quote today to achieve a non-binding offer with no extra charges further.

Frequently Asked Question

Which items require UKCA Marking Certification?

Most items that are right now covered under guidelines and orders for CE Marking will fall under the extent of UKCA Marking. Some of the items included in the list are:

  • Toy safety
  • Measuring instruments
  • Lifts
  • Pressure equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Gas appliances
  • Aerosols
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
When to use UKCA Marking?

Most items that are existing stock right now, for instance, are CE Marked. In these cases, your products can be sold in Great Britain with a CE stamping regardless of whether covered by an endorsement of congruity gave by a UK body before 1 January 2021. From 1st Jan 2023, UKCA Marking is mandatory on the product.

What are the rules to get UKCA Marking?

The rules for UKCA marking is similar to that of CE Marking i.e. at least 5mm in height, UKCA marking is easily visible.

What is the cost of UKCA Certification?

Costing of CE certification differs from Product to Product, also depending on the risk of the product. If the product is at high risk then the cost of certification will be high. The cost also depends on the Product Safety accountability.

What if the product fails conformity to UKCA marking?

If a product that needs UKCA marking doesn’t meet the relevant requirements then it cannot be sold legally and will be penalized, affecting the company’s reputation. Affixing of marking on products that do not require the UKCA can also lead to penalties. 


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