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What Is The UKCA Mark And How Does It Affect Toy Makers after Brexit

What Is The UKCA Mark And How Does It Affect Toy Makers after Brexit?

Get your toys entering in UK Market by UKCA Marking Certification in Sri Lanka.

Today denotes the beginning of Child Safety Week, run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust. Toy security is vital to all that we do to guarantee mishaps don’t occur. Did you realize that the renowned CE Mark seen on toys has been replaced with the new UKCA Mark for UK markets?

Truth be told since the UK has left the European Union there’s been a couple of changes to Toy Safety. Diverse toy wellbeing images should be applied to toys, contingent upon where they’re being offered to and from. Here’s the beginning you need to think about the new UKCA Mark and what it means for the toy market.

What does UKCA depend on?

UKCA represents UK Conformity Assessed Marking. The UKCA Mark is another product marking for products set available in Great Britain. It became effective on 1st January 2021 and replaces the CE Mark. 

What is Will Replace CE Marking?

At the point when the UK was in the European Union, all toys needed to have a CE Mark. This showed that the item had met the EU safety and security guidelines. Following Brexit, Great Britain currently has its variant: the UKCA Mark.

This has substituted the CE Mark for all products entering the market in Great Britain. Notwithstanding, the CE Mark should keep on being utilized for UK toys showcased to the EU. Toys will utilize the CE Mark close by the new UKCA Marking Certification so you will in any case see it on the entirety of our packaging.

Sitting Stock 

Any stock made and recorded available to be purchased in Great Britain before 1st January 2021 can in any case be sold with the CE Mark on it. Any current other stock can in any case be advertised with the CE Mark until 30th December 2021.

New Stock 

As of 1st January 2021, there are some new principles for toy security images for self-certifiers and lab-tested toys.


  • All new toys made in Great Britain should have the UKCA Mark. It should be connected to the toy as a mark. In case this isn’t possible, it should be put on packaging instead, all things considered
  • The CE Mark can be put alongside the UKCA Mark except if toy principles change

Lab-Tested Toys

  • Toys should be tried in the UK advised lab and be named with the UKCA Mark
  • Toys being sold inside the EU should be tested in an EU notified lab and labeled with the CE Mark.

Northern Ireland Toy Safety 

The standards are somewhat unique for Northern Ireland. In case you’re selling from Northern Ireland to Great Britain, you can keep on selling your toys with the CE Mark if…

  • You’re self-certified
  • Your toys were guaranteed in an EU notified lab
  • Your toys were guaranteed in a UK lab that has been moved to an EU one
  • Your testing was completed in a UK lab and has both the CE and UKNI mark

Toys being sold from Great Britain to Northern Ireland will in any case require the CE Mark as the UKCA Mark isn’t applicable. Lab-tested toys in the UK notified lab require the UKNI and CE Marks. In case toys are being sold from an EU notified lab, it just necessities the CE Mark.

Do I Need To Use The UKCA Marking?

In case you’re selling toys inside Great Britain that previously required the CE Mark, yes – they currently need the UKCA Mark. There’s a change period that permits you to utilize the CE Marking until 31st December 2021. Getting your toys changed to have the UKCA Marking quickly is suggested as soon as possible is recommended.

Toy Safety 

Toys, we’re passionate about learning through safe play. We’re not kidding about toy wellbeing testing and play esteem. This is the reason toys surpass the BS EN71 safety guidelines. Kids toys agreeable paints and veneers just as great, capably sourced materials.

We started the way toward adding UKCA Marks to all Toys placed in Britain. The entirety of products conveys both the UKCA and CE Marks. You can peruse more about our obligation to toy safety here. (Link “here” word to our UKCA Product Page)


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