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HACCP Certification: Why Do You Need It?

A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification in Sri Lanka is an important option for a food business. Well, it has many benefits to provide for the food industry. It incorporates an appropriate food safety management system by eliminating food hazards from the supply chain.

However, many food businesses in Sri Lanka are not aware of its true values. Your food business requires the license of hygiene that it deserves for a long time.

You require HACCP Standards to ensure food safety and quality within your food business in Sri Lanka. You can get the desired and proven schematic approach to deal with potential food hazards. Yes, it won’t be difficult to pull food hazards out of the food supply chain by using a HACCP Plan.

There is no need to worry about the HACCP Certification Cost. Yes, you will get international glory, fulfill your customers’ requirements, upgrade your market reputation, and much more with HACCP standards.

To learn more about HACCP Principles and adapt them within your food business, you need to spend some amount. However, the HACCP Certification Cost is not going to bother you at all.

That’s why you need an accredited certification body that provides all types of requirements as per the HACCP Plan at a significant HACCP Certification Cost.

 In this blog, you will explore more about the factors that keep their impacts on the HACCP Certification Cost.

Characteristics that Define HACCP Certification Cost in Sri Lanka

HACCP Certification Cost in Sri Lanka won’t be an obstacle for food businesses. Yes, a food business can now understand why do you

1. Selection of A Certification Body

When an organization in Sri Lanka prefers a certification body for HACCP Certification, that selection may affect HACCP Certification Cost. Well, the allocated budget set by any certification body may vary. Several conditions are there that set the fee structures and pricing models.

In Sri Lanka, many food businesses focus on the rise and down of the HACCP Certification Cost. However, you only need a customizable plan that suits your budget. At this point, there won’t be any trouble for you further.

2. Concern for the Size of the Organization

Like the time for HACCP Certification, HACCP Certification Cost is also depending on the type of your organization. The more food businesses or food supply chains you have, HACCP Certification Cost may vary based on those data.

In rare cases, HACCP Certification Costs may rise because of a food business’s complex activities within the food supply chains. That’s why you require a skilled certification body to do your job.

3. Fulfilling Requirements in Food Businesses

HACCP Certification Cost depends on fulfilling HACCP requirements. However, these are established by the certification body depending on activities within the food supply chains. Food businesses in Sri Lanka need to follow HACCP Principles.

By adhering to those attributes, you can implement the HACCP standard without any failure at a lower HACCP Certification Cost.

4. Geographical Location

The cost of certification can vary depending on the country or region. Factors such as local regulations, cost of living, and market competition can impact pricing.

In Sri Lanka, HACCP Certification Cost may vary as per your food business’s location. There are important factors influencing the rate of HACCP Certification in Sri Lanka such as;

  • Cost of living,
  • Local regulations,
  • Market competitions, and much more.

5. Scope of Certification

When you are keen on a more extensive scope, you may influence a spike in the HACCP Certification Cost. Several processes are quired to cover HACCP Certification. However, these attributes are necessary for your food businesses to impose food hazard and safety management procedures.

6. HACCP Implementation

HACCP Implementation has different levels. HACCP Certification Costs may depend on their values and implementation procedures. If any food business in Sri Lanka is already following the valid food safety guidelines without implementing HACCP guidelines, then the certification cost may be a little less.

Otherwise, your food business may invest more to adhere to HACCP guidelines. That’s how you may end up with a higher HACCP Certification Cost.

7. Training and Consultancy

Without training, HACCP Implementation is incomplete. Therefore, the certification body demands a price to provide appropriate education to your workforce about the food safety management system and food hazard assessment.

However, training may vary depending on your organization’s processes, level of education about HACCP, and sessions of training.

8. Audit and Surveillance

HACCP Audit and continuous surveillance activities are coming under HACCP Certification. Well, these sessions are necessary to ensure HACCP Compliance. For a food business, it is important to conduct these activities. So, you need to allocate more budget for such activities.

Therefore, it may raise an impact on HACCP Certification Cost. Still, it is worth a decision to do frequent audits and continuous surveillance.


Determining whether the cost of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Certification in Sri Lanka is worth it depends on various factors. While HACCP Certification involves financial investments in terms of consultant fees, training, audits, and process improvements, it offers significant benefits. HACCP Certification enhances food safety, ensures regulatory compliance, and demonstrates a commitment to quality. It enhances consumer trust, opens doors to new markets, and strengthens the organization’s reputation. Additionally, HACCP Certification helps prevent foodborne illnesses and product recalls, mitigating potential financial losses. Therefore, despite the associated costs, HACCP Certification is generally considered a worthwhile investment for businesses in Sri Lanka’s food industry. For more profitable assistance on HACCP Certification, contact Ascent ASSOCIATES today!

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